Gordon Thomas
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Author, Screenwriter, Novelist, Film Producer, Intelligence Expert



Gordon Thomas provides up to date information from his global intelligence contacts on Osama Bin Laden, terrorism and how it is being countered. He has written on intelligence matters for a quarter of a century. Over 50 million copies of his books have been sold worldwide. His acclaimed book, Gideon's Spies documents Mossad's deepest secrets from the end of the Cold War to today.

Seeds of Fire is the inside story behind the first global war of the 21st century. it is supported by over 100 pages of CIA, FBI and other intelligence agency documents. Already prepublished in 11 countries, it is likely to surpass the record sales of Gideon's Spies in 45 countries. PURCHASE SEEDS OF FIRE ONLINE





SEEDS OF FIRE - China and the story behind the attack on America

  • Essential reading for all those who want to understand the mind-set of the Bush Administration as it goes to war.
  • Takes you inside the secret briefings that finally led to Bush launching the first war of the 21st century.
  • Reveals the crucial background concerning President Bush and his father in relation to China.
  • Explains why China refuses to back the West in its declared war on terrorism.
  • Reveals the story behind the downing of the US spy plane incident earlier this year.
  • Exposes the secret dealings between Russia and China – which explain their own roles in their lip-service support for countering terrorism.
  • Reveals the reasons for the ever-closer relationship developing between Israel’s Mossad and China’s Secret Intelligence Service, CSIS.
  • Reveals the background to the recent downing of the US spy-plane in the South China Sea – and challenges the official version by using a high-level named US intelligence source to provide a very different version.


How does President Bush respond to a crisis behind the scenes?

Why does Condoleezza Rice sit in on a debriefing of a Chinese defector?

How does CIA Director, George Tenet handle the Bush Administration?  How much does he tell them?

How did the CIA learn of North Korea supplying Libya with state-of-the-art rockets?

How did Saddam Hussein bankroll terrorism – with the help of a top British financier?

Gideon's Spies - The Secret History of the Mossad - Already a bestseller in hardback - the new edition will have you fully briefed on the secret world of Israel's spies...

"Tells it like it was - and like it is."
Meir Amit
Former Director General of Mossad.

" A must for any student of modern Middle Eastern history." Ari Ben-Menashe
Former Adviser on Intelligence to the Israeli Government

  • Over 90 pages of updated material.
  • Complete breakdown of all relevant intelligence services.
  • Mohommad al-Fayed and Mossad
  • The "intelligence presence" in the deaths of Diana and Dodi.
  • How Diana came under surveillance by America's top spy agency. How its Echelon system tracked her.
  • Did she die because she was a threat to the world arms dealers ?
  • Mossad's own secret investigation into the death of a princess.
  • The fate of the mysterious white UNO in her fatal crash.
  • New moves by Israel to free their top spy imprisoned in the U.S.
  • Why Mossad's taping of President Clinton's phone sex calls rattled the White House
  • How the wife of Israel's former Prime Minister came to acquire a microchip so that Mossad could track her.
  • Mossad's involvement in the kidnapping of Kurdish leader Abdulla Ocalan- and the cost of a secret Mossad network inside Iraq.
  • Mossad and the mysterious crash of an Israeli jet near Amsterdam.
  • The lethal cargo the plane was carrying to the secret place from where Mossad gets its poisons.
  • Mossad's dealings with the Russian Mafiya for nuclear materials.