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       By Juansher  Juansheriani  (Excerpt from The Georgian Chronicle)

      Translated by Robert Bedrosian


In the first year of [Aderk's] reign, Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, Judea. News came to the Jews of Mts'xet'a that kings had come from Iran and captured Jerusalem; and the Jews mourned. But after two years they heard that [those kings] had not come to capture Jerusalem but to bring gifts to a child born of a virgin; and they rejoiced exceedingly. Thirty years later emissaries came to the northeast [saying that][23] the child to whom the mages had given gifts, having come to full maturity, preached that he was the son of God. "Now," they said, "whoever of our people are wise and learned in our faith, let them come forth and go [to find out about] this matter." Having heard this, Elios of Mts'xet'a [and] Lunkinos Karsnets'i went. They arrived on the day of the great Friday of the Lord's torment. And they brought back to Mts'xet'a the Lord's robe. [g29]

In the days of this same king Aderk, two of the Twelve Apostles, Andrew and Simon the Caananite, came to Abkhazia and Eger. Saint Simon was martyred in the city of Nikop's on the Greek border. Saint Andrew, having converted Eger, went on to Klarjk'. When Aderk heard of this, he grew angry. He sent and turned Eger from that [faith] back to the idols. And they hid the Cross and the image of the Cross. The ostikan of Klarjk' was blamed for peacefully setting Andrew free.