The Tragedy of Egypt


By Evgeny Satanovsky   



This interview given by the President of the Institute of Israeli and Middle East Studies (Moscow / Russia) goes far beyond the Middle Eastern issues. It also contains an interesting opinion regarding US President Barack Obama.




February 03, 2011                  


Below please find some excerpts from the interview taken by Alexander Privalov translated into English






— I often mentioned that while being interviewed by US radio programs, so why should I be shy here? Barack Obama is a dead hand of Michael Suslov[1], an “anti-imperialistic project” of the Soviet Union financed by the Ideological Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. That is where his mom and dad were introduced to each other. That is what it is, unfortunately... 


— I hope you are kidding?


— No, absolutely not. Those were the 60s when white girls did not give birth to the kids from relationship with the Africans from Kenya too often[2]. Even if the Africans were from Southern Luo tribes[3]. That was our anti-imperialist hangout. Nowadays there is no Soviet Union and no Suslov anymore, but Obama is the President of the USA.  I know his entourage: all those Trotskytes, Anarchists, Anarcho-syndicalists... all for them coming from the wealthiest families, Graduates from Harvard. All those people…


— Oh, that disease is incurable, I agree.


— …Those people… Oh, no. It is definitely incurable. Some of those people had some experience in Palestine, Israel, America, but they all are really loaded and still adhere to their theories. So they are trying to put their theories into practice. You know that the October revolution in Russia was also financed by the rich.





— I just wanted to ask you about the role of various external factors in the current events in Egypt.

— First and foremost, there is a decision-making club in Washington[4]. It acts and it has a genetic tradition that I find pretty weird. It is a tradition of US Presidents to betray their most reliable allies. They count on some kind of  virtual, theoretical democracy that empowers the most radical, the most anti-American forces.

— I am sorry, but haven’t they learnt their lesson in Palestine?

— Come on! They all are hopeless! Look, Jimmy Carter with his patriarchal simplicity opened the door for the Islamic revolution in Iran with his own hands by forcing the last Shah to avoid violence and dictatorship. A bit later he took another genius step: he supported democratically elected Cambodian leader Pol Pot against Vietnamese invaders and later got his Nobel Prize for that.    And if we go further we will see how Ronald Reagan created Al-Qaida  with his own hands by killing the only adequate President of Afghanistan. I mean that KGB General Najibullah. But listen, Aliev and Shevardnadz[5]e also had higher ranks than Colonels and both of them were also in KGB. After that glorious Bill Clinton encouraged Intifada of Al-Azhar University [6]and before September 11 empowered Taliban in Afghanistan and Arafat in Palestine. We know what happened after that. Then we remember President Bush getting rid of Saddam who was terrib;le and a tyrant but instead of one mad tiger we got 10 000 mad rats as a result. I had an honour of talking with Mr. Bush about that just before the invasion of Iraq, but our dialog was absolutely useless. Now Al-Qaida has a perfect training ground in Iraq.

— All right, let us forget the past, but what do the US President and his Secretary of State are demonstrating today? it is lile a weird ballet. They are clearly indecisive and lost. Nobody expects that from a real decision-makers’ club[7].

— Listen, what ballet? The last example is Pervez Musharraf and Pakistan. Musharaf was the only man that was capable of keeping the Islamists under contol in Pakistan, the country with some 70 to 80 nuclear warheads. Within the frameworks of democracy. Not to mention Afghanistan. It is all very clear. And as of today Barack Husseinovich Obama[8] and Ms. Clinton are strangling Israel with their own hands by trying to zombify Palestinian statehood. I say “to zombify” because one cannot re-animate the dead corpse. One can only zombify it.




Look, nobody learnt any lessons. After September 11 Obama joyfully said: “And now let us erect a mosque on Ground Zero! That will demonstrate our democratic values!” That mosque would be the monument of Osama bin laden’s victory. After his speech in Cairo... during which he sincerely gave his hand to the Arab world and expected it to be shaken so that he would become the leader of Islamic world as well. And let me quote what Egyptian newspapers wrote after that: “White dog or black dog – it is still a dog”. So politically incorrect! But that was their reaction to the Cairo speech of the US President



— We have a wonderful ambassador in Cairo, one of our strongest ambassadors in the Arab world. That is Mikhail Bogdanov whose daddy was well-known in some other spheres. You know, when General Leonid Bogdanov paid a visit to a certain country there was usually a coup there that followed. Afghanistan was on of the examples. But that was 30 years ago. I do not think we have any other ways left but I would enthusiastically welcome if the treasures of the Cairo Museum that are not stolen yet would be moved somewhere like our Hermitage Museum... 

We used to play those games and thank God we stopped that because the results were not good. Last time that was a joint operation in Somalia during the fall of Siad Barre, for which we were criticized by everyone. That was the joint rescue operation performed by the Green Berets, our GRU Spetsnaz and French combat divers. We were just evacuating all whites from there as well as the Chinese and Japanese no matter what their origins and statehood was. After that our Western partners got medals while our own soldiers were “awarded’ with cross-interrogation regarding their possible “high treason” in favour of the Americans during the battles in the streets of Mogadishu.






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[1] Mikhain Suslov was a soviet statesman and one  of the chief ideologists of the USSR in 1944-1976 (Ed.)


[2] We are sorry for translating that phrase but that is what he said. Do not forget that he is Russian and Russia does not have anything resembling our “political correctness” (Ed.)


[3] This is probably an example of a very specific Russian humour (Ed.)


[4] Here Satanovsky uses Russian expression “Obkom” – an abbreviation for the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party. Today it is an ironical Russian expression to denote any decision-making club whose decisions and opinions are not to be questioned. Those who use it often use the expression “Washingtonsky Obkom” that is exactly translated as”Washington Provincial Committee of the Communist Party” (Ed.)


[5] Aliev and Shevardnadze are ex-Presidents of Azerbaijan and Georgia knpown for their service in KGB during the Soviet period and vocal pro-Americanism after the end of the USSR (Ed.)


[6] Egyptian university that produces radical Islamic clerics and ideologists (Ed.)


[7] Here the interviewer again used the expression “obkom” (see above explanation)


[8] It is ironical Russian tradition to apply traditional Russian patronymics to the famous non-Russians. Here it is a clear hint to Muslim background of Mr. Obama’s father (Ed.)