By  Peter A. Huchthausen and Alexandre Sheldon-Duplaix

      John Wiley & Sons, 2009





-Tom Clancy, Author of “The Hunt for Red October”


This book offers an unprecedented account of the war from both sides - East and West - and uncovers stunning new information, including the astounding truth about the 1964 Tonkin Gulf affair.


"l wish this [book] had been around when I researched The Hunt for Red October," says Tom Clancy, "Huchthausen knew more about the Soviet navy than any other American and most Russians." lndeed, through dramatic incidents, HIDE AND SEEK tells the full story of the development of Cold War naval intelligence from the end of WWll to the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991.


Unlike other books, the authors cover all types of naval intelligence: human collection - racing with the Soviets to capture Nazi submarines, successful and losing spies and defectors; signal intelligence - surface, air, satellite and navy commando teams in balaclavas launched by speed boats from submarines; acoustic - passive underwater arrays and tapping phone lines; as well as the aerial and space reconnaissance.


Based on primary sources, many of which are unique, the authors uncover startling new information, including:


  • How the Nazi inventor of the first cruise missile used in WWll became the father of the U.S.Navy missile system


  • How a Soviet naval intelligence officer played a major role in bringing down the British government in the Profumo Affair


  • New details on the Baltic mutiny that inspired The Hunt for Red October


The abundance of source material provides the details for riveting, hair-raising, and at times hilarious tales of action on both sides of the lron Curtain.



About the Authors


Peter Huchthausen's writing career started when he retired from the Navy, and he wrote numerous books, including the bestselling Hostile Waters (5t. Martin's, 1998), October Fury  (Wiley, 2002), and Shadow Voyoge (Wiley, 2005). He passed away in July 2008.


Alexandre Sheldon-Duplaix serves in the French Joint Historical Services in Vincennes France, and as a researcher and lecturer on the history of the Soviet Navy at the Defense Staff College in Paris. He has written two books published in France on naval subjects' He lives in Paris.



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