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Ethnic Conflict As A Tool Of Outside Influence: An Examination of Abkhazia and Kosovo / Heathe Blair


Politics of Oil in Transcaucasia / Erin Brocklebank-Johnson


A Comparison of the Baltic States and the South Caucasus During the Post-Soviet Era / Marjan Etemadi-Shad


The Caucasus: Stormy Past, Bumpy Future? / Scott Goddard


Abkhazian Separatism / Amy McCallion


The Baku-Ceyhan Pipeline:How Much is Billions of Barrels Worth? / Cathrine Shandler


Moderate or Militant: Islam in the Caucasus and Central Asia / Tish Thibault


Blood of the People, Blood of The Earth:
An Examination Of The Role Of State-Sponsored Terrorism In The Oil-Producing Regions Of The Ex-Soviet Union / Cameron Walter







The War in Chechnya:Leadership and Democracy in the Post Communist Era / Saima Akbar


Russia and Chechnya: Wars of Independence / Jonathan Barry


Implications of the Recent Referendum for Peace and Stability in Chechnya / John Heaney


From Chechnya: Potential Conflict in the Caucasus / Andrew Hennessy


Quebec & Chechnya: Might is Right? / John Fong


Russia and Chechnya: Will the Conflict ever End? / Christy Milne


A Rebel Without a Cause (or Hope?)Analyzing the Chechen Conflict and Resolving the Secessionist Terrorist Movement / Jason McArthur


The Chechen Knot / Trish MacNeil


Ethnic Conflict in Chechnya / Trent Vining