Armeno-Georgian War of 1918

and Armeno-Georgian Territorial Issue in the 20th Century

Армяно-Грузинская война 1918 г.

и Армяно-Грузинский территориальный вопрос в ХХ в.


By  Andrew Andersen and Georg Egge






The History of Disputed Territory

(ca 200 B.C.. 1801 A.D.)


July-October 1918:

Armenia and Georgia in the Aftermath of Turkish-German Expansion in the Caucasus (the Last Year of World War I)


November 1918 January 1919:

Armenia and Georgia upon the end of World War I


December 1918 January 1919

Armeno-Georgian War Theatre


January May 1919

Basic Territorial Formation of Armenia and Georgia


June October 1919

Second Stage of Territorial Formation of Armenia and Georgia


August November 1921

Turkish-Armenian War and Border Changes between Armenia and Georgia


November 1921 February 1924

Major Territorial Adjustments between Armenian and Georgian Soviet Socialist Republics








Restoration of Armenian and Georgian Statehood
The Birth of Territorial Conflict
Brief History of the Disputed Territory
Ethnic Makeup of the Disputed Territory
In the Foremath of Delimitation:

Conceptual Conflict and the Lack of mutual Understanding
Beginning of the Armed Conflict: October Clashes
Diplomatic Overtures of the Parties in November 1918

Escalation of the Conflict: Uprising in Lori and Armenian Offensive
Situation at other Frontiers of Armenia and Georgia
Interference and Mediation of the Allies
The Battles of Ekaterinenfeld and Shulavery; Georgian Counter-offensive
Peace Agreement and Temporary Delimitation
Results and Consequences of Armeno-Georgian War of 1918
06.1919 04.1920: Attempts of Normalization and Territorial Compromise
1920-1921: The Failed Alliance and Final Delimitation after the Fall of the First Republics


Recommended Reading


Addendum: Prominent Scholars on Armeno-Georgian conflict